Saint Magdaline Coptic Orthodox Temple

In 2005, St. Magdaline opened bellow Mount Baker, between the Central District, Beacon Hill and Columbia city, in response to the growing north african and middle eastern copt community.  His Holiness Pope Shenouda III appointed His Grace Bishop Abakir to coordinate the service of the church until the appointed Father Arsanios Hanna and Hirophant Takla Azmy arrived in 2006 to serve the church.  Hirophant Azmy already a great elder of the faith passed on early in the winter, leaving the church without its confessor for many months.  The church now welcomes his replacement Hirophant Ilan Atesh Sulaymān (Solomon) who will serve the community as confessor for many years to come.

The church is located on a large mostly wooded plot of about 1000 acres in lee of interstate 90 south of Judkins Park.  The Heirophants quarters consist of 4 rooms that are within the brass dome of the church, accessable only through the library of the church rectory, or by a spiaral stair into the church catecombs.


Location Aspects:

The Wider Grounds: Nature is divine.

Theme: Pathways manicured to be passable while blending and honoring the natural woodland.  Tucked throughout are statuary of coptic saints and prophets.

The Temple:  Faith Protects The Faithful

Theme: A modern interpretation on Bronze age egyptian architecture, stained glass dipicting coptic symbology and the Anhkaus Crucifix that form warding signs to the knowledgabe.  The inside seems insulated from sound and almost separated from the city.  Even at the height of rush hour the noise of the nearby highway can not be heard.  Yes sounds within, chants and prayers echo and resonate with such clarity that ones bones almost vibrate to the intonations of the holy fathers.  The temple is clean and briliantly lit by candles, scented with sacred inscence and a hint of exotic spice. Only the chapel of the miracle of confession is not resplendent and bright.

The Chapel of the miracle of confession: And your Sin shall be devoured.

Within this small, dimly lit room sits the sandlewood chair of the Heirophant, and kneeling cushions for the penitant, who pray and meditate on their dark urges and sins, an experience often more exhausting in its few moments then the two hours of the holy service.  Leaving when the Hierophant touch of blessing "alllah yaghfir , waqad alttahamat khitayak, 'adhhab alan w alkhatiyat la 'akthar." lets them know god has forgiven.

God Has forgiven, and through him your sin is devoured, go now and sin no more.


Saint Magdaline Coptic Orthodox Temple

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